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 A Four keys Residence


         Mythical Destination


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At Oceanides Residence, our visitors can enjoy luxurious and professional services, beyond their expectations.


Oceanides Residence is a highly sophisticated, modern complex of apartments for rent, which was founded in 2015 at Koufonisia. 800m away from the center of the village and 100m away from the central beach.


How to get there



There is no airport in Koufonisia. The closest airport is in Naxos island, Cyclades, that operates domestic flights from/to Athens. The flight time from Athens to Naxos is 40 min. From the port of Naxos, there are almost daily ferries and local boats to Koufonisia. 






To go to Koufonisia, there are direct ferries from Athens 3 times a week. The local ferry Skopelitis also departs daily (except Sunday) from Naxos and Amorgos to Koufonissia and the other islands of Small Cyclades. 


For more information about ferry companies to Koufonisia, vessels and ports of departures in Athens, check ferries main page.  








The islands



Koufonisia consist of Upper (Ano) and Lower (Kato) Koufonisi and make part of the island group of East Small Cyclades.

There are located southeast of Naxos and west of Amorgos. Inextricably connected with their history is the small island of Keros, a small, uninhabited island of 15 Km, which hosts important findings of the Cycladic Civilization.

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