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Bridal Suite


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Ball room

Catering - Cake

For Wedding Party

After Wedding Party



The design and organization of each marriage is a unique challenge for us.

We are next to you in search of perfect space, ideal tastes, proper decoration and the right theme.

We organize with you the marriage of your dreams, just as you have imagined.



  • Dating before marriage with hair stylist to find a hairstyle

  • Hair stylist before the ceremony

  • Dating with the makeup maker to choose the makeup of the Wedding

  • Makeup before the ceremony

  • Manicure Pedicure

We take care of the appearance of the bride, finding the best hairdressers and makeup makers that will make you shine!

Wedding Styling  

Bridal suite

The bridal suite of Oceanides awaits you with a bottle of champagne and a traditional wedding honey and walnuts candy.

While rose petals will decorate your suite to remind you of your most important moment of time!

We pick together your wedding cake and the tastes that will dominate the table, as well as we

suggest similar catering services to find what you want.
We care for the buffet and the bar, but also for the candy bar, if you want

to emphasize the sweets to fully meet your needs

Catering - Wedding cake


  • We find together the appropriate church among the choices of the island that suit you.

  • We fully undertake the configuration of its space

  • Choose from the 2 Unique Churches, with impressive Cycladic architecture, overlooking the sea or in the center of the city.

Α'ι' Νικόλας
Εκκλησάκι της Παναγίας
Α'ι' Νικόλας
Εκκλησάκι της Παναγίας
Α'ι' Νικόλας
Α'ι' Νικόλας


Impress your wedding with the latest Special Effects & the most spectacular Fireworks to shine at the most beautiful moment of your life.

Wedding Decorations

We undertake the decoration of your wedding reception, which has always been an interesting process since the couple can create their own setting, their own dream world that will host their loved ones


Η The music at the wedding is a key to

its success.
We have the opportunity to provide you with orchestra for both the reception and to accompany you to the most important event of your life until the church



  • We locate together the appropriate reception area, among the choices that suit you.

  • We visit the reception area so we can find the most suitable places for your photos

  • We take care of the rental and return of the appropriate equipment as well as the fitting out of the premises.

We organize your party before or after your wedding, in a sailboat or in a space of your choice with music coverage by renowned DJs.

Pre & After Wedding Party

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